A pain-free move to the Microsoft cloud.

Cloud Leaders Series: David Audley, Green Cross Health 

David Audley, Executive – Information & Systems at Green Cross Health faced a significant challenge in that they needed to provide cost-effective and functional services to a wide range of users distributed right across New Zealand. This includes over 300 pharmacies across New Zealand, the medical division with 49 doctors sugeries and 4000 field-based nurses working in the community. He found Office 365 and Azure technologies ticked the right boxes for Green Cross Health and has enabled their business. 

"The cloud has the biggest impact for Green Cross Health at the sharp end of our business... In order to save time and allow people who are providing healthcare solutions to individuals to use their time more effectively. So really, the biggest winner from our migration to the cloud is the consumer in terms of our customers, patients and clients" 

As a cloud leader, David has a unique insight into specific challenges he (and Green Cross Health) faced in the journey to the cloud. Take a closer look at the full interview above to understand both the challenges and benefits that your business can expect from a move to the cloud.