Les Mills International shape up their cloud strategy

Steve James, Global IT Manager Les Mills International

Steve James, Global IT Manager at Les Mills International (LMI) faced a unique challenge in that the majority of the LMI business is overseas – approximately only 1% of their customers are located in New Zealand. This is not a typical circumstance for a New Zealand business, but one which enabled Steve to assess and ultimately decide to take Les Mills on the cloud journey.

Faced with aging infrastructure and no cloud technology enabling the organisation, Steve set about the task of investigating the benefit of the cloud. Prominent in this, was an evaluation of Microsoft Office 365 and assessing it against some other cloud services.

"It's been extremely successful, we now no longer have to worry about storage problems, investing loads of CAPEX each year - it's absolutely changed the business, absolutely."

In being a cloud leader in New Zealand, Steve has a unique insight into specific challenges he (and Les Mills International) faced in the journey to the cloud. Take a closer look at the complete interview to understand both the challenges and benefits that your business can expect from a move to the cloud.