Case Study: PR Firm's Business Continuity Fears are Yesterday’s News with Office 365

Mar 6 2014 9:22 PM

Cloud services, in the form of Office 365, have enabled a leading London PR firm to stay connected and responsive from any location. Shortly after going live with Office 365, however, they learned a valuable lesson about how critical technology can be for business survival. Unexpectedly, one day their broadband went down and they discovered that their service had been cancelled a week before the new one was scheduled to go live, with no immediate remedy. With an on-premise set-up this would have been disastrous; the business would have effectively ground to a halt. However, thanks to Office 365, they were able to send all our staff to work from home, where they could access their email uninterrupted. Their Office applications were streamed down to their home machines so they could continue to work on documents and content, and keep in close contact with one another using Lync for instant messaging, video and desktop sharing. Office 365 helped maintain operations at a business-critical time. 

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