Partners Life reap the rewards of cloud-first I.T.

Cloud Leaders Series: Mark Lewis, Partners Life

Mark Lewis, GM of Software Development at Partners Life faced a unique challenge in that Partners Life have a significant amount of remote workers, so accessibility for all of their users was paramount. The other main driver was scalability - the ability to dial up and dial down based on the specific demand needed at the time. 

"Microsoft has done very well in the cloud. They've made it their mission to make the cloud better, bigger, faster. We've ridden on the coattails of that." 

Partners Life have been early adopters of the Microsoft cloud technologies, utilising a range of products and solutions including: Office 365, SharePoint Online, Virtual Machines for On-Premise SharePoint, Azure storage and Sequel Azure. 

In being a cloud leader in New Zealand, Mark has a unique insight into specific challenges he (and Partners Life) faced in the journey to the cloud. Take a closer look at the full interview above to understand both the challenges and benefits that your business can expect from a move to the cloud.